Mar. 26th, 2017 03:48 pm
Well, my journal appeared to go away. But I guess the style just stopped working.

I will be ordained April 2 and it is driving me nuts. I told one person it is kind of "introvert hell": an entire event centered around people looking at, and thinking and talking about, me as a person. ACK! Point me to the coping mechanisms.

I am generally doing ok. I decided for myself that it would be a good enough ordination, not a perfect ordination, and that has helped me.

I'm joining this beaurocracy of a denomination late enough in my life, and I'm enough of a GenXer, to have mixed feelings about the whole thing. But I was chatting with M yesterday and he said, "You know, I know as an INFP everything that happens to you tends to have about this much distance" (and he got right up close to my face) "but you know, you're also getting ordained as an openly gay man for those like your Catholic brothers who cannot."

So, that's true. I hadn't thought of that. I may in fact wear my rainbow stole, because of that.

I do know that tension is in my body. I need like a constant massage person to beat the crunchies out of my shoulders!
There has been a disappearance in our department at work. It is tragic that one so young, so tender, so sweet . . . has gone from among us.

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We shall have to be ever-vigilant to prevent future tragedies.
My cute vegan shoes (see previous posting) and my order of new jockstraps (not previously mentioned) are both en route. Which do you think will arrive first?

I'm all atwitter.

new boots

Oct. 28th, 2007 07:41 am

IMG_2446, originally uploaded by erikmsp.

My new boots arrived!


Oct. 27th, 2007 02:25 pm

IMG_2443, originally uploaded by erikmsp.

A certain Northfield vegan liberal anarchist joined us for an evening of cooking (vegan potato curry) and games (Scrabble). We used every single letter tile and [ profile] sctmpls even used all 7 of his letters at once to spell SALARIES. Did you know if you use all 7 letters you get 50 points plus the word's value? I did not, so I learned something new.

The curry turned out well (though next time we will add a little salt) and the company was excellent. Somehow today has gone flying by-- how is it already afternoon?

IMG_2422, originally uploaded by erikmsp.

We ate tonight while watching This Old House. Tragic what they are doing to that beautiful shingle house. I cannot believe they're removing the built-in shelves and destroying the library. argh! And I don't know what they're thinking, putting a deck on the back of a historic shingle-style house. Bah! One of the construction workers was cute, and Jim Anderson of "Jim Anderson Stained Glass" obviously has leather-pig potential, if it's not yet been realized. Check him out here:

A larger version of that photo:


Speaking of Yum, I am pleasantly surprised by the pumpkin ale.

We had leftover moroccan chickpea stew for our main course, and onion rings on the side. Apple-rhubarb crisp was our dessert.

Is anybody else REALLY glad tomorrow's Friday? I cannot WAIT.

IMG_2360, originally uploaded by erikmsp.

We visited Fort Snelling today with Mom and Dad. I don't know why it took me so long to get there-- we've driven past the fort many times.

It turns out that they do historic re-enactments there and I will just mention that there are some very, very hot men who are re-enacting history. The shopkeeper, Snelling himself, one of the blacksmiths, and the carpenter, just to name a few.

Beyond and including the hot men, it was definitely worthwhile.

IMG_2358, originally uploaded by erikmsp.

Mom and Dad have been here since Friday afternoon. Here they are from last night. Dad is watching the Cubs game and Mom is perusing our copy of Cooks Illustrated.



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